Starting Today…

Okay, so I’m starting today…I’m actually learning today, how to blog. I’m not sure I have anything of importance to say but, wanted to try my hand at it. I love East TN, my horses, cooking, sewing and I am an avid vintage fabric / feed sack collector. I thought perhaps I would try posting a few of my projects and in the future (hopefully) some tutorials on how to. I’ll start first by posting a few pics of my horses…so lets start…

May I introduce to you my two 18 yr old horses above which would be Bella (Bay) and Shaman (Sorrel). Below is Bella’s baby, who is now 6, Coaly-Bay. Coaly-Bay is named after a 1916 short story written by: Ernest Thompson Seton titled: Coaly-Bay, The Outlaw Horse.  A wonderful short story in which he has lived up to!


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